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We are responsible for all materials and technologies we provide.


We provide expert recommendations for selecting the graphite grade and determining the technologies required for graphite electrodes used in manufacturing equipment. We want work to be easier, faster and smoother. We show how knowledge of graphite properties and technologies can affect the profit or loss of a given project.


Consultations and training

From time to time, there are debates among electrode programmers, technologists and machine operators about the selection of suitable graphite, the number of electrodes, the size of the spark gap and other issues. As their supplier, we are most interested in discussing this issue with graphite users.We are happy to share experiences and exchange views, or suggest solutions.


In addition to telephone consultations, we provide training directly at your workplaces.If you have questions about the training, write to us .


Technological support

The choice of graphite material for the electrode is one of the most risky parts of the production of mold cavities. The right choice decides on production costs, deadlines, profit or loss on the project. The wrong decision usually manifests itself very quickly, but is difficult to correct.


Our consultants offer expert information and experience that helps to address the risks and negative phenomena that occur when working with a graphite electrode during production.

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Technical manual

This guide is a summary of more than 20,000 test programs for intensive research and development of POCO graphite materials. The information contained in it allows easy orientation in the issue and helps to reliably select the optimal graphite class and conditions for a stable and efficient EDM process. Thus, the results of work can be predicted in time and quality without unnecessary stress and uncertainty.


The data contained in the EDM technical manual can be used to work on all models of gouging machines.

Collection of graphite dust and used electrodes

Tool shops contact us from time to time with questions about how to proceed with the disposal of graphite dust and cuttings that arise during the production of electrodes.


Our service of taking graphite dust generated during the production of electrodes and used electrodes is connected with the company's permanent interest of TEDOK is to protect the health and wellbeing on the workplace and the environment as a whole. The mentioned commodities are therefore not disposed of by being placed in a landfill, but are returned to the production process without any residue. This procedure saves renewable and non-renewable resources, reduces the burden on the environment and enables the activation of sustainable development through circular economy.

The zero-waste system of working with graphite materials follows on from the reliable supply of graphite materials and our effective technological  recommendations,  which reduce the number of electrodes required to make mold cavities and, as a result, less graphite dust can be produced.

This service is available only for customers based in the Czech Republic.

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