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EDM graphite materials

We provide mold manufacturers with graphite materials in several classes.
Along with them also unique technical assistance on any EDM device.

TEDOK has been an active member and partner of Entegris POCO Materials International Sales Channel for more than 22 years. As a result, it takes advantage of the largest database of graphite materials. At the same time, it provides information on how to use them effectively and makes recommendations on how to plan and manage EDM processes and meet production and economic requirements.


A wide range of use

EDM graphites are designed for the production of electrodes for electroerosive machining of tool and stainless steels, aluminum and special alloys, including metal alloys with a high copper content. The range includes blocks, prisms, logs and custom blanks.


Easy machinability

Our graphites are easy to mill,  the edges are not chipped, they are straight and the corners are sharp. The electrodes, including thin and high ribs, are of excellent quality for the first time. The graphite structure allows the electrodes to be cut on     a wire rod.


Unique features

Each grade of graphite ensures a balance between electrode wear, metal removal and the surface of the cavity (surface). The electrode with the recommended setting of the operating parameters of the machine will ensure the best results of the given work.


Consultations and training

We support mold manufacturers through training and technical information.

Our EDM training program includes basic as well as advanced courses that can be held directly in your operations and workshops.


Technological support

Our consultants provide interested parties with expert information to help them better manage the EDM process, address technological challenges, and address the risks they may encounter when working with graphite.


Technical manual

The information allows you to easily and reliably select the optimal graphite class for a given workpiece and determine the working conditions

at depth. Thus, the results of work can be predicted in time and quality.


Collection of graphite dust and used electrodes

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